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NameImport and export license of arms and ammunition for military purposes
DescriptionAccording to the Article No. 15.5.2-15.5.5 of the Law of Mongolia on Business license and Article No. 7.2, 8.2, 16.1, 16.2 and 16.6 of the Law on Fire Arms, this measure applies to the importer, exporter and trader of arms and ammunition.
CommentsImporter, exporter and trader of weapons is required to be obtained license from the government organization according to the “Procedure for issuing export and import licenses for military equipment and machinery to cross the state border” approved by Resolution No. 170 of the Government of Mongolia dated 7 May, 2008.
Validity From07-05-2008
Validity To09-09-9999
Reference- Article No. 15.5.2 - 15.5.5 of Law on Business license; - Resolution No.5 of the State Great Khural dated 8 January, 1998; - Law on Fire arms
Technical Code
AgencyMinistry of Justice and Home Affairs
Created Date2020-06-29 01:59:16
Updated Date2020-10-30 06:44:17
Measure TypeLicensing Requirement
Legal/RegulationLaw on fire weapons
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Procedure NameDescriptionCategoryView Procedure Detail with Relevant Forms
License for exporting and importing military equipmentsAmmunition, machinery and equipment originally manufactured for military use and used by the armed forces, other military, police, intelligence, judicial enforcement, anti-corruption, forensic organizations and the Law Enforcement University to perform thImport/ExportView


This measure applies to commodity/s
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HS CodeDescription
- Artillery weapons (for example, guns, howitzers and mortars)
- Rocket launchers; flame-throwers; grenade launchers; torpedo tubes and similar projectors
- Other
Revolvers and pistols, other than those of heading 93.03 or 93.04.
- Muzzle-loading firearms
- Other sporting, hunting or target-shooting shotguns, including combination shotgun-rifles
- Other sporting, hunting or target-shooting rifles
- Other
Other arms (for example, spring, air or gas guns and pistols, truncheons), excluding those of heading 93.07.
- Of revolvers or pistols
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