Legal Document

Title: Implementation procedure of free zone clearance regime
Type: Order
Issuing Agency: Customs General Administration
Responsible Agency: Customs General Administration
Issuing Date: 04-12-2019


December 4, 2019                            No.A/282                          Ulaanbaatar


    In article 8 of the authorized government agencies of 8.4, Section 79.7 of Article 79 of the Customs Law, 268 1 Article 268 in reading, 269 .1.1 1 1 Article 269 of 270 matches in .1.1, 1 Article 270 matches in .1.4, 271 1 of Article 271 .1.1, 271 1 a provision in .1.2, ordered on the basis of a decision by the Professional Council on December 12, 2019 03-day session:

1. To approve the “Procedure for implementing the free zone regime” in the appendix.

2. The Legal Department /S.Oyuntsetseg/ and the Customs Inspection Agency /P.Battur/ shall be obliged to advertise this regulation to the participants of the customs relations and monitor its implementation.

3. Instruct the Information Technology Center /B.Ganzorig/ to enter the newly approved customs clearance procedure code into the CAIS system classification database.

4. In connection with the issuance of this order, Order No. A / 43 of 2016 of the Director General of Customs and Taxation of Mongolia and Order No. A / 110 of 2018 of the Director General of Customs shall be considered invalid.


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List Measures/Standards

Name Description Status Measures/Standards Measure Class
Free zone regime This regime applies to goods of a business entity or organization registered in accordance with Article 8.7.6 of the Law on Free Zones. Customs approves customs clearance requests based on submitted documents- This customs clearance regime is approved by Order #A/282 of the Chairman of the Customs General Administration of 2019 based on Article 79.7 of Law on Customs. Note: - Goods to be declared under this regime should be goods that: - specified in Article 231.1 of the Customs Law; - Machinery, equipment, machinery, construction materials, raw materials and other inventory required for construction of buildings and infrastructure in the free zone from abroad and from the Customs territory; - Equipment to be used for storage and processing of goods within the free zone, chemical reaction stimulants and accelerators intended for industrial processing, consumer goods in the workplace of employees working in the free zone, store goods, fuel and food and water will be loaded to other vehicle without transferring through the customs territory. - Customs clearance codes are 770-778. Therefore, please find detailed information from the order. Active Measure Goods
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