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Procedure NameCustoms Clearance Procedure for Temporary Export of Goods


Customs clearance

Responsible Agency       

Name: Customs General Administration

Address: Customs General Administration Building,

Ikh Toiruu 81/1, Sukhbaatar District,

Ulaanbaatar-14193, Mongolia



Phone: (+976) 11 350049

Fax: (+976) 11 350048

Legal Base for the Procedure Annex 2 of the Order A / 41 of Head of the General Department of Customs and Taxation 2016


 Customs clearance - 7,000 MNT

Required Documents


Type of information



Foreign Trade Agreement or Price Invoice or Foreign Settlement Document

Documents necessary for declaration are reflected in Article 60.3 of Law on Customs and Article 3.1 of Annex 2 to this order


Transportation documents.

Ex: Packing List, Technical Documents

3 Certificate of origin

Licences, permission, certificates issued by the responsible agencies


If the goods are excluded from tax partially and/or fully, documents proofing that it is issued by the responsible agencies

6 Laboratory testing results If Applicable
7 Other necessary documents

Process Steps


The declarant submits all necessary documents to Customs of Mongolia via e-mail, fax or through the customs information network


The Customs reviews all documents submitted. If necessary, customs may asks for more related documents or Information


Levy customs and other taxes and Declarant pays it


Conduct inspection on goods and means of transport


Customs inspector stamps “under customs control” on the declaration of goods


Levying customs duties, other taxes and fees and deposited in a temporary account, or a guarantee of payment of tax may be Obtained.


Releasing goods and granting permission to Temperarily export the goods across the customs border




1.  If the temporarily released goods are not returned within the specified time or the period is not extended, the customs clearance and other taxes deposited in the temporary account shall be paid to the state budget.

2.Goods under the customs clearance procedure for temporary export shall be inspected by the customs officer that initially cleared the goods, a special register shall be maintained, and upon expiration of the period, the customs clearance shall be carried out and the closing information shall be submitted to the relevant department of the State Customs Administration. If the state administrative body in charge of customs matters is required to submit information for the purpose of urgent clarification, it shall be complied with in a timely manner.



The following form/s are used in this procedure
TitleDescriptionCreated DateUpdated DateIssued By
This form applies to customs clearance regime of temporary export of goods12-08-202012-08-2020Customs General AdministrationThis is Dowload File
Declarant uses customs clearance declaration for declaring goods to customs of Mongolia13-08-202013-08-2020Customs General AdministrationThis is Dowload File
Certificate of origin Form A is only for purposes of tax exemption by developed countries13-08-202013-08-2020Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and IndustryThis is Dowload File
This form is for purpose of representing goods origin without any tax exemption13-08-202013-08-2020Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and IndustryThis is Dowload File
This certificate is intended to use only under Japan-Mongolian agreement13-08-202013-08-2020Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and IndustryThis is Dowload File
This form applies to goods not originated from Mongolia13-08-202013-08-2020Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and IndustryThis is Dowload File
Invoice and packing list are one of key forms for customs clearance13-08-202030-11-2020DeclarantThis is Dowload File
This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Customs Clearance Procedure for Temporary Export of GoodsGeneralCustoms General AdministrationGoods specified in Article 120 of the Customs Law shall be declared to the Customs of Mongolia according to this customs clearance procedure approved by Annex 2 of the Order A / 41 of Head of the General Department of Customs and Taxation 2016This measure applies to one of the customs clearance regimes. Therefore, this measure may apply to all commodities under the HS code system. Thus it has not been linked with any commodities. Customs Clearance Procedures for Export of Goods31-12-9999Good