Chapter 1 General Provisions

Article 1.1 Objective


The objective of this Agreement is to create a new economic dynamism between the Parties by means of the following, taking into account the stage of development and economic needs of the Parties:

  1. (a)  liberalizing and facilitating trade in goods and services between the Parties;

  2. (b)  facilitating movement of natural persons between the Parties;

  3. (c)  increasing investment opportunities and strengthening protection for investments and investment activities in the Parties;

  4. (d)  enhancing protection of intellectual property;

  5. (e)  promoting cooperation and coordination for the effective enforcement of competition laws in each Party;

  6. (f)  establishing a framework for further reinforcing, broadening and deepening bilateral cooperation in all fields relevant to trade and investment and improvement of the business environment; and

  7. (g)  creating effective procedures for the implementation and operation of this Agreement and for the prevention and resolution of disputes.


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