How to Export Plant and Plant Products

Business Registration | Export Authority Application | Export Certificate | Customs Clearance

Business Registration


General Authority of State Registration

Submits the proposed legal entity name online ( to get confirmed by the General Authority of State Registration (if applicable) | Pays the fee for Confirmation page at Golomt Bank | The founder or an accredited person (with ID) visits the Authority in person and receives a name confirmation page | Submit the applications with the required documents to the General Authority of State Registration | Collect the state registration Certificate.

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Trading License

Authority Application

Ministry of Environment and Tourism

Submits a request to the Ministry of Environment and Tourism along with all required documents | Collect the Special Permit to Export Plants, Their Raw Materials and Non-timber Forest Products

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Exporter's Registration


General Agency for Specialized Inspection

Submits the request with required documents | The Specialized Inspection Agency shall issue import notices for imported animals, plants and products based on the information and requests submitted by citizens and legal entities.

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TIN Registration


Customs General Administration

Submits all necessary documents to Customs of Mongolia | Pays tariff, taxes and fees | Receives permission to export the goods across the customs border

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